Studio - seaweed collection from mid-coast Maine

We humans seek connections — to nature, to other people, and to the unknowns. This need to engage and experience what lies beyond the surface drives my paintings. I explore themes of movement, transparency and change. My art-making is more about asking questions than finding answers. In a sense my studio is a ‘what if?’ lab, where I experiment with a bunch of variables to arrive at compositional harmony.

A love of color is the central element that ties my work together over decades. I begin a painting with a single dynamic shape, a swipe of seductive color, or a web-like texture pressed into the paint. The work is built around a playful visual dialog among these elements. The materials vary — often oil on panel or gouache on paper. Using scraping, rolling, and sanding techniques, I add and subtract paint layers. A sequence of intuitive choices and accidentals fuels the process. On a good day, the painting develops its own rhythm; it leads and I follow.

I’m grateful to spend my days in the studio, engaged and immersed in the pleasure of color and the juicy unpredictability of paint.